Editorial Focus

Launched in 1881, The War Cry is one of the oldest published monthly magazines in the United States. It is devoted to sharing the love of God without discrimination and representing The Salvation Army’s mission of serving human needs. Each issue includes stories about transformed lives, as well as articles and profiles that show how the Army puts the love of God into action at the frontlines of human needs.

Content that Saves Souls,
Builds Saints & Serves Humanity

The War Cry, in print and online, publishes a wide range of faith-affirming material that covers spiritual growth and living an abundant life, as well as news and views about the Salvation Army’s efforts to “do the most good.” Columns and features include interviews, Bible studies, Aunt Sally’s words of advice, articles on family life and recovery and of the work of the Army at home and abroad and informed treatment of topics and themes of current interest. The Salvation Army reserves the right to evaluate the appropriateness of advertisements, including subject matter, form, wording, graphical content and to inform advertisers of any needed revisions, in keeping with Salvation Army policies and standards.


Average Monthly: 180,000 copies • Christmas: 1.5 Million copies • Easter: 1.1 Million copies

Design/Setup Charges

$65.00 per hour basic premium for editorial and art design labor. This will be established upon review of materials provided. Text must be appropriately edited to properly represent The Army’s mission statement.

Electronic Specifications

Format Requirements: High Resolution/Print-Ready AdobeAcrobat PDF file (Mac or PC format), along with native files (with all image Links and Font files provided) in Mac format InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop files (Adobe Creative Suite 3 or Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 and above). All digital images should be high resolution of at least 300 dpi in JPEG, TIFF or EPS. Each issue is published electronically on our website and through our app. Your ad will include links to drive traffic to your website.