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Cecil Brown’s Trailblazing Ministry

Cecil Brown made such an impact. by Captain Charles Smith
Cecil Brown

Long before Steven Curtis Chapman sang, “Saddle up your horses, we have a trail to blaze,” The Salvation Army was doing just that to reach and rescue souls for Jesus in a mountainous region of the United States. They could not be reached any other way; for there were no roads and no vehicles that could conquer the uncertain terrain. Beginning on foot and horseback and eventually traveling by Jeep, those sanctified Salvationists were determined to reach those elevated destinations to make a difference in the lives of the people. 

A burden from the Lord caused Daisy Cecil Brown, from Hurricane Creek, NC, to bring the gospel message of hope and salvation to her people in the mountains of western North Carolina

Born in 1906, Cecil (as she was known) grew up in the remote area of the mountains. She was converted under the leadership of a circuit rider, coming to hold revival services in Hurricane Creek. She helped him and his family reach their destination when their buggy capsized on the side of the road. The circuit rider preached for two weeks and finally gave an invitation to come forward and make a commitment to Jesus. Cecil was the first to go and kneel, and she prayed, “Lord, forgive me.” And the Lord did just that and so much more as she was eventually commissioned as a Salvation Army officer

It was through this calling that she served appointments at Statesville, Goldsboro, Salisbury and in Reidsville. But it was in January of 1935 that Captain Brown would be given four months to see what she could do (with the Lord’s help) for her people in the mountains. She made such an impact to her own people that she is still remembered in those appointments for the burden that the Lord had put upon her heart. What work has the Lord placed on your heart as we go into the New Year?

Photo via The Salvation Army National Archives

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