Meet Brandon Newhouse

"The future is bright as Brandon leads with positivity, compassion and a commitment to community well-being." by Emma Gao
Brandon Newhouse

The incoming president of the Omaha Echelon chapter in 2024, Brandon Newhouse, is driven by a profound desire to uplift his community. Echelon seeks to mobilize the next generation for The Salvation Army by providing opportunities for emerging professionals to engage with the organization through fellowship and networking, donations and fundraising, and service and volunteering. Echelon members participate in a variety of networking, volunteer, and fundraising activities. These activities directly support Salvation Army services within a chapter’s local community. 

Brandon’s Echelon journey began in 2021 when his uncle, a Salvation Army advisory board member, proposed the idea of launching an Echelon chapter in Omaha, NE. Seeing this as an opportunity to give back, Brandon, a proud Omaha local, eagerly embraced the chance to make a difference. 

After months of collaborative groundwork, the chapter officially formed at the close of 2022, uniting 20 enthusiastic members. A recent visit to a local corps location sparked initiatives for improving early education and facility renovations. Looking ahead, Brandon envisions a transformative year fueled by positivity and community spirit. Excitement abounds as Brandon and his team gear up for a local basketball tournament this month. Recognizing the financial barriers many families face in accessing such events, they aim to create an affordable and local opportunity for youth to engage in their passion, fostering a positive environment for all. 

Beyond facilities and tournaments, Brandon’s infectious passion promises to uplift hundreds of families, providing a joyous and enhanced experience at their local Salvation Army. The future is bright as Brandon leads with positivity, compassion and a commitment to community well-being.

Based on a report by Emma Gao, internal communications intern at The Salvation Army National Headquarters. The original article was printed in Peer’s January 2024 issue.